About me

As far as I can remember, I have always been athletic. To find out that I had Parkinson's Disease in 2004, was a total surprise! I had to learn everything that I could about this disease. I read everything and went to many seminars and have and still do participate in Clinical Trials. After reviewing my medical records it was determined that I had tremors in 1987, at age 38 years old. I can no longer smell, I drag my left legs often. I loose my balance but I do enjoy dancing. If I fall, I get right back up.

Many things happen to a person with Parkinson's dsease. As of this date, there is no cure, just medicine and/or DBS to help. I can not have DBS because of the damage done from my previous stroke in the area where the surgery would take place. I am getting ahead of myself.

Then came the major stroke in 2004, after my Parkinson's disease diagnosis. How could this happen? Paralyzed on my left side. I had to learn how to speak, chew and swallow foods, regain all movements on my left side including using my hand and fingers to pick up things, legs and feet to move, stand, learn balance and walking., rebuild the muscles. I won't get into that. It took a year of 3 to 4 hours each day of all kinds of therapies. I had a blood clot in a vein burst in my brain. I thank God that I was able to get back to 99% of me.

I have had 4 major surgeries for female problems, beginning in 1981 and so far no more since 2009. In 2010, we ( My husband and I) purchased a motor coach and traveled over the US spreading the word about Parkinson's disease and passing out brochures We no longer have the motor coach.

When I was diagnosed with Dystonia of the feet and calves, I thought ok, I have had enough. Surely, nothing else will happen.

But I was wrong, more would come. I lost the bone in my lower jaw and ended up with cadaver bone, implants, and gums, and snap in lower dentures. I have had 6 other surgeries adding more bone and gum. I also have been dignosed with temors of my voice box, (laryngeal Dystonia).

Through all of this, I continue to feel totally BLESSED! I Thank God for helping me. Of course I have pity me times, and say, Why Me, Lord? I am human, but most of the time when this happens, I look in the mirror and say, Why Not Me? I am a fighter and I will continue to fight this disease called Parkinson's Disease. I continue to exercise and meditate.

I use to be so shy. Now I give Seminars on Parkinson's Disease Awareness. I also began writing poetry, I hope you enjoy it.

God Bless,



Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Childhood Memories around Christmas time.

 Christmas at our home, was a very special time of the year.
We would go up in the mountains and dad would be grinning from ear to ear
Dad would pick a large cedar tree and chop it down
He would yell timber, as it fell to the ground
It was always too big to get through our door, 
So dad would laugh as he cut it even more

Dad always built a platform and placed the tree in the center

Our tree was always too big, but we felt like a winner
The tree always had blue lights, with bulbs galore
The ice sickles were placed one by one, always adding more

Dad always put a thin layer of angel hair over the entire tree

As dad put the train tracks on the platform, Mom sang with glee
We loved hearing Mom sing, sounding like Patsy Cline
Sometimes we would join in, having a good time.

These special childhood memories are dear to me

My Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad 1947

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I woke up this morning

Waking up in the morning, this is me
I thank the Lord, for this very day, you see
I know I look a wreck and it is hard to move
Taking my medicine, I begin to improve

I get dressed and put on my shoes
Off on my bike,  seeing the views
With my dog name Spencer, in my rear basket
Riding along,  I felt like my windpipe blew a gasket

I began to gasp for air, telling myself to relax
I have tremors of my voice box, and must settle back

Taking my bike off the path, while relaxing my breathing
This has helped me, several times during my training

Turning around, I began feeling shaky and numb
I headed back home,  that is where I started from.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Living with Parkinson's

I recently discovered that I have a tremor in my voice box
I want to run away and be sly like a fox
But where does that get me?
Parkinson's, strokes, dystonia, oh gee

With my prior history of  medical problems

You would think I would hit rock bottom
But  I won't give in
Parkinson's, is not my friend.

I call all of this band-aid and patch up time

Send me here and there so I'll feel fine
I do voice therapy, tai chi, meditate and dance
I just won't sit, and won't take that chance.
Unable to move freely, like living in a trance

I will do everything to fight Parkinson's disease

Even if there are no guarantees.
What's next for me?
Whatever will be, will be.
As long as I have the Lord on my side
I will continue to feel like I shine.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Please don't be angry or pity me

When I go shopping or have to walk far, I use a wheelchair
We were at Disney, and a women yelled at me,"People like you shouldn't be here"
It made me angry, and I felt hurt, but all I did was stare.

I have also been told," Oh honey, I feel so sorry for you
You have been through so much, you must feel blue."

I did not ask for a stroke, dystonia, depression or Parkinson's disease
I say to all as I am smiling, each day is a challenge, but I'm blessed you see
I can still do things, but I have learned to live with limitations
I never want to give in or live with frustration.

I begin each day, thanking God for giving me another day
Exercising in my home or outdoors, so my body doesn't decay
I may not be as strong, or fit like I use to be
But I do all that I can, that's just me.

I am hunched over and shuffle as I walk
Sometimes I even whisper when I talk
But I am as happy as can be
Because God is with me.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Parkinson's and me

My father worked for a chemical company for a length of time
My job was to take his clothes outside, to shake the powder off and the grime
I would pretend the white powder was snow flakes
And try to catch as much of the powder in my mouth for heaven's sake

As I grew older, not thinking about the past
Until I had Parkinson's, and researched it at last
Realizing the chemicals were more than likely the key
My genealogy helped, with no one with Parkinson's but me.

I prayed when I had a stroke, leaving me with my left side paralyzed
Through hard work, with God's help, I began to feel energized.
I had to learn to speak, swallow, eat food and move my left side.
It took over a year of hours of therapy 5 days a week, making great strides.
Thank you Lord for being with me, when I felt terrified.

I prayed that I would do what I can for Parkinson's disease
Since that time years ago, I have been in clinical trials, feeling at ease
I began a blog about Parkinson's research, news, and helpful information.
This is a free blog for all and you can even click on translation.

I have gone to seminars and given seminars on Parkinson's awareness, 
Participated in Parkinson's Unity Walk in New York City, which prepared us
Learning so many different things about Parkinson's disease then and now
My husband and I traveled in our motor coach throughout the US and Canada, for awhile

I talked about Parkinson's and passed out brochures
Meeting so many people, became better than any tour
We also saw the beautiful sites of nature as we traveled throughout
Speaking about Parkinson's at our camp sites, we often had a good turnout.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Believe, You Can Do It!

I wake up in the morning and have trouble getting up out of bed,
Thanking God for another day. I move slowly and take my meds.

I start my day by stretching and lifting small weights
This helps to relax my muscles, to begin doing the figure eight
No not on skates, but riding my tricycle, since the weather is great

Upon arriving back home, I go out on the lanai to meditate
Relaxing my body and mind, I needed this to rejuvenate.

There are times, when it is hard to continue to cope
But this voice inside, says there is always hope

Always, within me, I feel the joy.
Just like a kid, in the toy store
Life has many ups and down
This is no reason to sit and frown,

I tell myself, don't give in, this is not the time to quit
The will power in many of us, is called true grit.

Believe, You can do it!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Our Christmas Ball of 2017

I was all dressed up and off we went to our Christmas Ball
For the very first time, we were early and waited until our name was called
The dinner music was perfect, while we ate.
Then the music changed, and the dance music was great.

My husband and I danced away, as we felt the beat
All of a sudden, I felt odd, and we went to our seats
I had a hard time breathing as I missed the chair
My husband caught me and laid me down, I needed air

I heard my husband saying, please give her a chance to catch her breath
She has Parkinson's disease and asthma, this isn't a sudden death
Please make room so that she can get air, this happens sometimes
Two doctors were there and a nurse, taking my pulse, I was fine

Yes, this happened to me last night
Sometimes, I want to hide out of sight
But I tell myself, don't be embarrassed
My faith in God, I continue to cherish

I didn't want or plan on this happening
I am thankful for not panicking.
God sent those medical people to be by my side
I am fortunate to have them as neighbors, I must confide

I thank the people who wanted to help me
God has blessed me, I am so thankful to thee